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Whee, I just ordered a standing desk, 'cause I've been thinking about getting one for a while. Apparently, the website for one of the biggest names in standing desks can't handle non-alphanumeric passwords, or passwords longer than 20 characters, though. In 2021, I do not get how people consider that sort of thing acceptable.

jfc, I went to the grocery store, and there's one checker and the self checkout is closed, at prime time on Saturday. The checkout line is stretched all the way across the store.

I have finally determined what's going to happen at the end of the current WoW expansion: we're going to beat the Jailer inside Torghast, take a wrong turn on the way out, and end up coming out of the Palace of the Dead, to set up new Horde and Alliance settlements in the South Shroud. *nod*

Whee, looks like I'm going to be getting four more root canals, this year.

Welp, I just started my largest print yet. Estimated print time, 45 hours. I also did some math and realized that I'm effectively spending ~$5 for just the supports on this mask. This has me thinking again about buying a filament extruder, so I can recycle that sort of stuff. Though, I'll probably wait on that until at least my PLA scrap box is full.

Bleh, I was just getting used to being able to breathe, and not having an orange tint to all light entering my window. I guess that's done for now. Thanks, wildfires. :/

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Hmm, I am suddenly in the mood to get some fabric paints, and add a splash of color to my favorite skirt, in the form of queer villain pride bolts running up one side. I wonder if I'd still be in the mood by the time they arrived, if I ordered some. >#> <#<

Today feels like one of those days where someone, somewhere, got a message on their screen reading, "Yote has claimed a codekobold's workshop!" Now to start yelling demands for shells.

Man, that was a good reminder of how little exercise I've been getting lately. I turned on beatsaber for the first time in a while, and was only able to get through four songs before I was too exhausted to keep playing. >_<

Grump. My favorite skirt is all covered in little lint ball things and discolored from it, and nothing I've tried, including a dedicated lint shaver, has worked to get rid of them. ;_;

Okay, I just found out about the IBM TrackWrite, aka the fold-out butterfly keyboard on the Thinkpad 701. Part of me really, really wants to try to find a way to replicate it with a full-size keyboard on a modern laptop. Or just get a Thinkpad 701, and put modern guts in it.

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"We have five neins of uptime!" "Don't you mean five nines?" "No, we have five sysadmins in Berlin, and all the servers just fell over."

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Well. I just had someone come into the middle of an OOC conversation with a friend in an RP sim on Second Life while I had one of my robot avs on, miss that the conversation was an OOC one, and compliment me in IM on how believably I was roleplaying a robot. I'm not sure whether I should be more amused, offended, or concerned that someone thought me chatting normally was a believable robot character.

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Trysdyn's Law: If you remind the general public they're living in a dystopian hellhole, you must couple that reminder with empowerment to do one or more of the following:

1.) Be a hacker
2.) Hack one's own body
3.) Wear cyberpunk fashion, latex, PVC, EL wire, etc
4.) Engage in magic
5.) Be a dragon

I don't make the rules; except this one. I'm literally making this one.
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