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Hmm, I am suddenly in the mood to get some fabric paints, and add a splash of color to my favorite skirt, in the form of queer villain pride bolts running up one side. I wonder if I'd still be in the mood by the time they arrived, if I ordered some. >#> <#<

Today feels like one of those days where someone, somewhere, got a message on their screen reading, "Yote has claimed a codekobold's workshop!" Now to start yelling demands for shells.

Man, that was a good reminder of how little exercise I've been getting lately. I turned on beatsaber for the first time in a while, and was only able to get through four songs before I was too exhausted to keep playing. >_<

Grump. My favorite skirt is all covered in little lint ball things and discolored from it, and nothing I've tried, including a dedicated lint shaver, has worked to get rid of them. ;_;

Okay, I just found out about the IBM TrackWrite, aka the fold-out butterfly keyboard on the Thinkpad 701. Part of me really, really wants to try to find a way to replicate it with a full-size keyboard on a modern laptop. Or just get a Thinkpad 701, and put modern guts in it.

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"We have five neins of uptime!" "Don't you mean five nines?" "No, we have five sysadmins in Berlin, and all the servers just fell over."

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Well. I just had someone come into the middle of an OOC conversation with a friend in an RP sim on Second Life while I had one of my robot avs on, miss that the conversation was an OOC one, and compliment me in IM on how believably I was roleplaying a robot. I'm not sure whether I should be more amused, offended, or concerned that someone thought me chatting normally was a believable robot character.

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Trysdyn's Law: If you remind the general public they're living in a dystopian hellhole, you must couple that reminder with empowerment to do one or more of the following:

1.) Be a hacker
2.) Hack one's own body
3.) Wear cyberpunk fashion, latex, PVC, EL wire, etc
4.) Engage in magic
5.) Be a dragon

I don't make the rules; except this one. I'm literally making this one.

Blarf. I *just* got over a nasty flu, and now I'm sick again. >#<

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Huzzah, after only a little bit of swearing, and upgrading through two intermediate versions because db migrations were failing, I was able to get my instance running on the latest mastodon. ...Maybe I should script the upgrade process, and do it more than once per year. >#> <#<

Oh, I just discovered a security vulnerability in my masto instance. Time to update to the latest release, and see if that breaks everything.

Quote of the day from my Shadowrun game: "So, how presidential-looking *is* this robot dragon?"

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