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Well, I just finished playing Moss. The best reward I've ever gotten for completing a puzzle in a game is now a high five from a mouse.
If any of y'all have an Oculus/Vive/WMR/PSVR/compatible rig and haven't played Moss, you're missing out on what may be the best narrative-driven game on the platform.

So, I went and saw Captain Marvel. I really liked it, and recommend it to anyone who likes superhero movies.
The fact that they introduced Monica Rambeau as an eleven year old in 1995 also makes me really hopeful for the possibility of a Nextwave movie. It was *probably* just a throwaway reference, and in joke for people like me to get, but a faithful Nextwave movie would be the best thing in the MCU, and I will fight anyone who claims otherwise. And then they will explode.

Ah, the fun of visible user impact. Spend weeks doing behind the scenes stuff to significantly improve stability, and no one notices. Spend half an hour bodging together a thing to make it marginally easier to do one task in an immediately visible way, and everyone heaps praise on you.

So, I just gave Sansar a try with my VR rig. It's good to see that the Second Life tradition of building with absolutely no consideration for performance then blaming the Lindens when your shit performs poorly is alive and well.
On a related note, it's a little impressive that the only VR thing which has made me queasy so far was the single digit framerates I was getting in a couple of those Sansar experiences, and not, like, the various high motion action games I've tried.

I'm starting an Elder Scrolls themed band. We're called The Deviated Septims.

A friendly reminder: if you are playing a VR boxing game, make sure there's nothing which you're going to accidentally punch within arm's reach. I forgot I had my bedroom door open, and accidentally punched the edge of it. My hand is not happy. >_<

Ugh. My employer sent out an invite to post an anonymous review of working at the company on a third party site. I was going to post an honest review, which would have been highly critical, and probably career limiting if it was tied back to me. But in order to actually post the review, you have to provide your location and job title; this narrows it down to like seven people, but I was still going to post it. Until I hit submit, and it popped up, "Great, to post this, you'll have to sign up for an account," with my work email address filled in on the registration form. Somehow, I doubt this is nearly as anonymous as claimed.

Random weird thought I had: I wonder if it would be possible, after I die, to get my body cremated by leaving it in the flame trench of a heavy rocket launch.

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@monorail @Duende y'know, I joke, but I wonder before the rules change if enbies did have a competitive edge in protection from cisgendered pronouns

"mill you for two, pass"
"ha, I'm immune"
"the card says his or her, I'm not a valid target"
'what, oh fuck, brb calling Steven Magicthegathering'

*the biggest Azorius sphinx ever is summoned, blotting out the sun, voice like a hurricane* LET IT BE HENCEFORTH KNOWN THAT ENBIES ARE VALID

"...okay, I mill for two"

Welp, Amazon now appears to be convinced that I have a young daughter. On what is, I'm sure, an entirely unrelated note, I've got a floor lamp, side table, and closet organizer being shipped, all pink to match the backpack, curtains, and area rug I recently bought on there.

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Ugh. I'm learning Go because I agreed to help with a work project which uses it, and it's reminding me of all the things I dislike about Python. Which is to say, "This clearly came about because somebody was angry that you can code in C in ways that didn't fit their personal preferences, and decided to make a language which makes that impossible."

Well, I feel stupid, now. I just realized that the reason why email hasn't been working on my mastodon instance for the last year was that I forgot to tell it that my SMTP relay is using TLS. >#<

Yay, I've got the Mastodon API working. Now I can do terrible things with it. Like write a bot which changes the color of my bedroom lights based on toots.

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Well, I just watched the Battle Angel Alita movie. I really dig it; it hit that transhumanist itch of mine damn well.

Hmm, if you study how people respond to alerts, does that make you an oncallogist?

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our world is a simulation and my player can't afford the microtransactions to buy more energy

Ugh. Today is one of those days where I can't concentrate on anything, and I hurt all over. :/ When can I trade my body in for one which doesn't suck so much?

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