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@monorail @Duende y'know, I joke, but I wonder before the rules change if enbies did have a competitive edge in protection from cisgendered pronouns

"mill you for two, pass"
"ha, I'm immune"
"the card says his or her, I'm not a valid target"
'what, oh fuck, brb calling Steven Magicthegathering'

*the biggest Azorius sphinx ever is summoned, blotting out the sun, voice like a hurricane* LET IT BE HENCEFORTH KNOWN THAT ENBIES ARE VALID

"...okay, I mill for two"

Welp, Amazon now appears to be convinced that I have a young daughter. On what is, I'm sure, an entirely unrelated note, I've got a floor lamp, side table, and closet organizer being shipped, all pink to match the backpack, curtains, and area rug I recently bought on there.

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Ugh. I'm learning Go because I agreed to help with a work project which uses it, and it's reminding me of all the things I dislike about Python. Which is to say, "This clearly came about because somebody was angry that you can code in C in ways that didn't fit their personal preferences, and decided to make a language which makes that impossible."

Well, I feel stupid, now. I just realized that the reason why email hasn't been working on my mastodon instance for the last year was that I forgot to tell it that my SMTP relay is using TLS. >#<

Yay, I've got the Mastodon API working. Now I can do terrible things with it. Like write a bot which changes the color of my bedroom lights based on toots.

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Well, I just watched the Battle Angel Alita movie. I really dig it; it hit that transhumanist itch of mine damn well.

Hmm, if you study how people respond to alerts, does that make you an oncallogist?

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our world is a simulation and my player can't afford the microtransactions to buy more energy

Ugh. Today is one of those days where I can't concentrate on anything, and I hurt all over. :/ When can I trade my body in for one which doesn't suck so much?

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fuckin superb you funky little enby

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Swearing, bad career advice Show more

How I know I spend too much time on Second Life and mucks: someone on work chat requested being added to a meeting invite with, "me too please," and the first thing to come to mind was a rant about lazy would-be subs. >_> <_<

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Well, on the good side, now I know that I'm not going to sleep through the fire alarm, should my building catch fire. On the bad side, I found this out because multiple buildings in my complex, not including mine, experienced simultaneous false alarms at nigh-on two in the morning.

Urban fantasy thought of the day: a warlock who channels the power of hatred via social networking to perform dark magic, and thus has to constantly troll and otherwise spread the worst parts of Internet culture.

Hmm, one of my characters decided to redesign herself while I was in the shower, today. Now I kinda want to find an artist willing and able to draw some art of her, but I suspect that may be harder than usual, because she's got a combination of elements that a lot of people have problems with.