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Hmm, if you study how people respond to alerts, does that make you an oncallogist?

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our world is a simulation and my player can't afford the microtransactions to buy more energy

Ugh. Today is one of those days where I can't concentrate on anything, and I hurt all over. :/ When can I trade my body in for one which doesn't suck so much?

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fuckin superb you funky little enby

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Swearing, bad career advice Show more

How I know I spend too much time on Second Life and mucks: someone on work chat requested being added to a meeting invite with, "me too please," and the first thing to come to mind was a rant about lazy would-be subs. >_> <_<

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Well, on the good side, now I know that I'm not going to sleep through the fire alarm, should my building catch fire. On the bad side, I found this out because multiple buildings in my complex, not including mine, experienced simultaneous false alarms at nigh-on two in the morning.

Urban fantasy thought of the day: a warlock who channels the power of hatred via social networking to perform dark magic, and thus has to constantly troll and otherwise spread the worst parts of Internet culture.

Hmm, one of my characters decided to redesign herself while I was in the shower, today. Now I kinda want to find an artist willing and able to draw some art of her, but I suspect that may be harder than usual, because she's got a combination of elements that a lot of people have problems with.

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Freya is still best party member ever. I will not negotiate

Random silly sci-fi thought which popped into my head while I was showering: alien script kiddies who accidentally make first contact with Earth, when one of their exploits gets recorded by SETI, and turns out to effect SETI@Home.

Blah. I'm feeling kind of hungry, but I don't know if it's because I'm actually hungry, or if it's because it's 1 AM, I'm wide awake, and in a hotel with bad internet bandwidth, but close proximity to a Denny's.

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NSFW, latex, hypno, gasmask, suiting maybe again??? if the tag lines I used for these so far hasn't already revealed the contents well it's another drone thing but this time more cat Show more

Happy Boxing Day Eve, everyone!

I have made a mistake. I watched a video on youtube about the first episode of the anime Goblin Slayer, which could be best summarized as, "a gratuitous, fairly graphic rape scene probably isn't the best way to start an anime, guys," and then I scrolled down. I now find myself wanting to kick a bunch of youtube commenters in places they'd rather not be kicked.

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Remember the true meaning of Christmas this season: landlords aint shit and refugees should be welcomed.

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...this motherfucking patient has Thor checks and mailed in a payment on one