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It has come to my attention that Pleroma supports gopher. This has combined with my deep-seated loathing of javascript-heavy web UIs to make me start looking into how to migrate my mastodon instance to pleroma.

I just binge watched all of the anime How Not To Summon A Demon Lord, and I liked it way more than I expected. Not that this was hard, since my initial expectation was, "emotionally stunted shut-in's adventures in fanservice land." Admittedly, it lived up to that, too, but there was enough character development that it actually felt satisfying to watch.

Hmm, I find myself again contemplating hacking on my instance to disable features which I wouldn't intentionally use, so that I don't accidentally do so.

Is a maker-educator with a mohawk a STEAMpunk?

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Today in the adventures of 'no one but me reads my documentation', there are random lines of bad church latin invoking the protection of the machine spirit in our disaster recovery plan.

"Omnissiah defensionem calculandum apparatus. Chao superare potest. Custodiat te nostrae tergum consilium."

Circuits preserve us.

I dreamt last night that I was an undead lesbian superhero. I blame @fluxom_alt for this.

Damn it, I randomly listened to a podcast taking about Lovecraft, and now I want to write a YA novel set in the mythos, using it as a way to broach subjects like tolerance, curiosity, and basic math concepts, like non-Euclidian geometry. Partly because I realized that the reveal of, "I'm actually an immortal fish person," sounds less horrifying than fucking awesome, to me.

What the fuck. Someone just threw an egg at me, while I was walking down the street.

Yote quote of the day: "There's good money in verbally abusing silicon."

Awesome. Our landlords are actively and intentionally violating California law regarding our unit, by charging us for stuff they aren't allowed to, and retaliating for things they aren't allowed to.

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My brain is a weird place. I woke up today wanting to develop an adventure game where, instead of playing the hero, you play the hero's fairy companion, and their success on their quest depends on you finding secrets, pointing out enemies' weaknesses, showing them what should be interactable, et cetera.

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You'd think I'd have learned by now that Denny's turkey dinner always makes me sick. But no, I keep forgetting, getting it, then remembering several hours later when it's well past dawn and I haven't slept because my guts are trying to crawl out and strangle me. :/

Grump. I got a papercut, and now my phone doesn't recognize my fingerprint. This is the real reason to be opposed to biometric authentication.

Code Red with dinner was probably not a brilliant choice. Especially considering that I've been having trouble sleeping anyway, due to being sick. >_<

So. I have someone claiming to have hacked my computer and phone and downloaded all of my naked selfies (I haven't taken any of those), and is threatening to post them to my Facebook account (which I deleted years ago) if I don't give him all of my land in Second Life. Part of me wants to express my disdain by responding with an unsolicited dick pic.
On a related note, does anyone know where I can find a picture of RMS pointing at the camera and laughing?

My first attempt at home made calzones didn't go too badly, in the end. I think I'm going to just use store bought dough mix next time, though.

Yay, ingredients get! The great experiment into fucking up making my own calzones for dinner, then ordering some from Gumba's instead, can now commence.

Well, fuck. We were supposed to have the exterminator out today, and I sent them a message just before falling asleep going, "Hey, can you guys do this in the afternoon?" Apparently, they can't, and took that to mean, "let's reschedule for next week," while not calling me, so I slept through their response. >_<