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@trysdyn @nautilee Yeah, according to one interview I read, they hadn't really bothered with lore beyond, "generic western fantasy" before they started making Morrowind, and Michael Kirkbride was like, "Man, this shit's boring, let's do something interesting." And then after Morrowind, Kirkbride left Bethesda, and everyone else went, "That was cool, but generic western fantasy is MUCH easier." Which is why we're probably never going to get any games heavily involving the really cool ES lore bits.

I just found out that there's an anime about visual kei vampires coming out later this year. This is not something I realized I needed, until now. I hope it's not terrible.

@kauko Ooo, a Prusa; fancy. Gonna use it to print a nice housing for your GSP debug harness?

Ugh. A pushy asshat engineer whined at my manager to add him to my weekly meeting with one of our third party vendors, and just shat all over the meeting, demanding he be in the loop on shit he knows nothing about. It ended with him demanding that I give the vendors access to our systems using my user account. I'm ignoring it for now, but if I hear anything of that sort from my management chain, I'm immediately referring it all to the security team.

@BestGirlGrace Yep, that can be interesting. On one of my old machines, I set up Apache and my FTP daemon to identify as IIS, just so I could amuse myself watching logs of people trying a bunch of exploits which could never possibly work. (Not to mention getting a few interesting malware samples uploaded to the write-only anonymous FTP account)

@BestGirlGrace But that implies that you were actually making a game, and not just bundling a few freebie Unity assets together to make a quick buck out of people.

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Whee, I just ordered a standing desk, 'cause I've been thinking about getting one for a while. Apparently, the website for one of the biggest names in standing desks can't handle non-alphanumeric passwords, or passwords longer than 20 characters, though. In 2021, I do not get how people consider that sort of thing acceptable.

@fluxom_alt You can only junction your junctions if you're using doomtrain. Also, you should probably ask your girlfriend's permission before junctioning her.

@Canageek Mostly. I'm a sysadmin supporting hardware engineers for a big tech company, so 90% of my job is troubleshooting makefiles which launch makefiles which launch cmake running on the compute farm in order to generate and run other makefiles to farm simulation jobs out to the compute farm. And that part, I'm *not* joking about, or exaggerating.

@hierarchon I've taken to assuming that the games in most of those shows are, in fact, evolved from AI Dungeon, and thus there's no meaningful way to have a wiki, because a neural network is making the whole thing up on the fly. it would certainly explain some of the design decisions in Bofuri, for example.

@Canageek Great, now I'm going to have to start counting down to when I'll get a ticket at work asking for help getting this to work on our compute farm.

jfc, I went to the grocery store, and there's one checker and the self checkout is closed, at prime time on Saturday. The checkout line is stretched all the way across the store.

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@trysdyn I'd be interested in learning to play. It seems pretty neat.

I have finally determined what's going to happen at the end of the current WoW expansion: we're going to beat the Jailer inside Torghast, take a wrong turn on the way out, and end up coming out of the Palace of the Dead, to set up new Horde and Alliance settlements in the South Shroud. *nod*

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