@trysdyn What, you've never thought of getting an outfit made which is well-polished metallic latex with a few inserts to make it look like armor, without it actually being the least bit rigid?

Hmm, it has just come to my attention that a website I hosted for a friend hasn't worked for over a year and a half, because the shared host it was on upgraded from a version of PHP which has been EOL since the last ice age, and the gallery script it's built on can't run on newer versions. I am sorely tempted to do something stupid and set up a heavily locked down docker container with the old version of PHP it needs, so I can get it working again.

@fluxom_alt It does, yeah. That's what most of my favorite HFY stories revolve around. "These humans are crazy! They come from a planet full of horrifically hostile life, yet they'll pack bond with anything! That one just picked me up, kissed me on the proboscis, and called me adorable!"

It's rare I get to post acab and mock cis-normalization talking points at the same time. 

I imagine the answer is very, right up until a corporation fell afoul of it.

Hmm, I wonder how enforceable a viral license would be. IE, a software license which, by agreeing to it, you also agree to distribute all of your intellectual property under.

@trysdyn Well, precognition *is* a demonstrated power of the Millennium Puzzle. Admittedly, it was only demonstrated in sensing danger, but that just means that we'd have to make this part of the network of royalty-based faster than light communication.

long ruminating on a memory of how I accidentally temporarily became a 3rd grader philosopher 

Oh, nice. I woke up to a message from some fuck head with a slur in their display name demanding that I switch to pleroma and turn on relaying all posts to all federated servers. For anyone else thinking of sending a similar message, I will happily provide a car fire, if you agree to die in it.

d/s trashpost 

Whee, my instance just temporarily died due to running out of disk space, because the command to automatically clean up remote media has changed twice since I set up the cron job for it, and despite the fact that the command I was running hasn't worked since 2018, it hadn't been generating any errors in the log. :/ Also, I'm a little impressed that I went two and a half years on a 40GB disk without cleaning up, and only now ran out of space.

@hierarchon Keepass2Android. Its OTP support is good enough, it doesn't require anything but the device itself to work, and it works with my inputstick so I can press a button and have it automatically type the codes. (Also, it's a full password manager, which is handy)

@trysdyn Sounds like decent GMing to me. Nothing spoils a good dramatic moment quite like dice deciding that something didn't work that should have. Though, with the right group, "yes, and"ing failed rolls can be a lot of fun.

Since I'm following @BestGirlGrace on here, this particular line of Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song doesn't feel particularly surprising. (Flagged as sensitive because it's a potential spoiler for said anime. Also, people should watch it, it's a really good show.)

is this defenestration? 

Oh, FFS. "Alright, we'll power the datacenter back up at 19:00 on Saturday, we'll need you to be available then to bring it up." 11:00 on Saturday: "Hey, we just powered up the datacenter, where are you?"

Whee, I just found the cause of a problem I've been having with my work laptop for, like, two weeks. Apparently, between a Windows update and a firmware update, something was locking the CPU speed to 800 Mhz. On a 3Ghz processor. :/

@trysdyn Well, I've still got the light stick, if you want wifi LED strips.

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