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@trysdyn If they ignore all security practices, you should just send it in plain text, because it doesn't matter what you do, the entire interaction is inherently insecure, and it is impossible for you to do anything about it.

Man, that was a good reminder of how little exercise I've been getting lately. I turned on beatsaber for the first time in a while, and was only able to get through four songs before I was too exhausted to keep playing. >_<

Grump. My favorite skirt is all covered in little lint ball things and discolored from it, and nothing I've tried, including a dedicated lint shaver, has worked to get rid of them. ;_;

Okay, I just found out about the IBM TrackWrite, aka the fold-out butterfly keyboard on the Thinkpad 701. Part of me really, really wants to try to find a way to replicate it with a full-size keyboard on a modern laptop. Or just get a Thinkpad 701, and put modern guts in it.

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@trysdyn Yay, it will be nice having someone there who *doesn't* give me a horrified stare when I start talking Rimworld with the coworker I introduced to it.

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@trysdyn I recommend setting up an HTTPS over DNS server, just to cover all your bases. *nod*

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@fluxom_alt Besides what I've already seen suggested, I'm a big fan of Schlock Mercenary, Freefall, and Girl Genius.

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