@BestGirlGrace Because to join them, you're required to change your name to Marine.

Welp, I just started my largest print yet. Estimated print time, 45 hours. I also did some math and realized that I'm effectively spending ~$5 for just the supports on this mask. This has me thinking again about buying a filament extruder, so I can recycle that sort of stuff. Though, I'll probably wait on that until at least my PLA scrap box is full.

nsfw, genitals 

@BestGirlGrace @witchfynder_finder Nah, it's about bullshitting to get around someone's stupid gatekeeping. "You're not a real princess unless you can feel a pea through 20 mattreses!" "Well, clearly, I'm a real princess, then, because I didn't get a wink of sleep last night. And look at this bruise that I totally didn't get by falling off 20 mattresses."

@trysdyn I know I didn't; my Halloween growing up was walking across the front lawn to my grandparent's house, trick-or-treating them, then getting in my mom's car and going around to her friends' houses, spending half an hour to an hour at each one, before going home so that my mom could go out to the bar.

@fluxom_alt A free company was an army of independent mercenaries in the 12th to 14th centuries, largely fighting in the Hundred Years War, and becoming bandits after it ended.
Also, it's the equivalent to most MMO's guilds, in FF14.

Grace is getting her name officially changed 

Bleh, I was just getting used to being able to breathe, and not having an orange tint to all light entering my window. I guess that's done for now. Thanks, wildfires. :/

@Xarph They're pseudofascist assholes who wouldn't understand actual libertarianism if it shoved their necks into a guillotine?

@BestGirlGrace @AndiBumble There is nothing wrong with your gender. Do not attempt to adjust your expression. We are now controlling the trans status. We control the hormones and the inhibitors. We can deluge you with a thousand pronouns, or expand one, single label to ultimate supremacy, and beyond. We can shape your body to anything our imagination can conceive.

@trysdyn Better be careful, or you might become the go-to scholarly expert on kusoge. ~#^

Long (~1500 characters) 

less vague tf kink 

@fluxom_alt Where does "clockwork, a ferret, and thirty pounds of pixie sticks," fit in this poll?

@trysdyn Sounds like either a data breach or a database failure, to me.

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