@trysdyn Hopefully! I went into work today just long enough to grab my laptop, then came home and called off tomorrow, just to make sure I don't become patient zero.

Blarf. I *just* got over a nasty flu, and now I'm sick again. >#<

@trysdyn Aww, I'm sorry. There is tea and decongestants available.

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Fursona commission/drawing 

@trysdyn Clearly, the solution is to just by an individual pod for each person, that they can work out of. *nod*

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Kink gear mention 

New glasses selfie, ec 

@prophet_goddess Well, if you don't mind a Terry Pratchett reference, there's always, "Out of cheese error, redo from checkpoint."

venting, Internet, request for opinions 

venting, Internet, request for opinions 

@fluxom_alt Now I'm just imagining you as, like, ED-209, but instead of guns and stuff, you're carrying cute clothes and makeup. "YOU HAVE 10 SECONDS TO NOT COMPLY."

Huzzah, after only a little bit of swearing, and upgrading through two intermediate versions because db migrations were failing, I was able to get my instance running on the latest mastodon. ...Maybe I should script the upgrade process, and do it more than once per year. >#> <#<

Oh, I just discovered a security vulnerability in my masto instance. Time to update to the latest release, and see if that breaks everything.

Quote of the day from my Shadowrun game: "So, how presidential-looking *is* this robot dragon?"

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