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If I ever run an open source project, I'm going to require that all commits run through a linter which, along with the typical stuff, considers comments containing, "simply," "obviously," and other similar words to be errors.

A friendly reminder: if an optimistic nihilist asks you for grocery requests and you say, "the meaning of life," a jar of pickles is a perfectly valid fulfillment of that request.

@Oneironott If you were providing technical support, would you do so from the kelpdesk?

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@distressedegg Now, I have a question on that first assertion. Is that, "not people who wear robot costumes, but actual robots," or, "robots wearing robot costumes, instead of people wearing them?"

@deejvalen that's the first step of turning everyone who boosts enough of your posts into you. Eventually, all of the fediverse will be turned into a pile of squeaky, mousey adorableness.

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@trysdyn And this is why we should go the other way. The rugby formation previously known as a scrum will now be "an agile sync meeting," soldiers will be organized into "engineering product teams", and sprinting will now be known as, "massively overworking employees to meet artificially imposed goals, due to terrible management decisions."

I sure do love climbing into bed, closing my eyes to sleep, then immediately having my phone blare an alert because for the past five months, the cron job to clean up cruft on one of our servers has been broken, and no one's taken the time to investigate *why* the disk was filling up, instead of just treating it as routine and manually freeing disk space. >..<

@LexYeen @Earthshine I'm also using Tusky. It seems to work well.

@trysdyn Now I'm just imagining you doing an advice column. "Dear Mx. Marfingham, how do I convince people that the games I love aren't bad? Yours truly, kusograndmaster"

Hmm, I wonder if anyone's making a porn parody named "Baba Is Lewd," yet.

@Earthshine Somewhere in the Seattle area. It refused to get on the plane back to California with me.

So, I was watching Love, Death & Robots, because I've heard so much good stuff about it. I got up to Zima Blue, and an hour later, the crying has subsided enough for me to type this. That is quite possibly the hardest I've ever been emotionally struck by a piece of media, and it was done in a ten minute animated short. I'd say it's too bad that they can't all be like that, but then I realize that I would probably never be able to finish the series, if they were.

@anthracite Somehow, I doubt that diverting a river through your house will be nearly as effective in getting things packed.

@BestGirlGrace I've seen some stuff where tail-accommodating clothing was essentially designed with a fly in the back, to be buttoned then zipped appropriately for the amount of tail poking through.

@trysdyn Time to render it to a 280x192 frame buffer, then scale that to the actual window size?

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tom francis' games are so frickin clever mechanics wise. kinda excited for tactical breach wizards

@bcshort Eeyup. I've had to send out *way* too many DMCA takedowns for my 3D work because of people refusing to follow the terms of *CC BY 2.0*. Which is impressive, because most of it is on Second Life, where the default behavior is compatible with that license, and you have to go out of your way to violate it.

Well, I just finished playing Moss. The best reward I've ever gotten for completing a puzzle in a game is now a high five from a mouse.
If any of y'all have an Oculus/Vive/WMR/PSVR/compatible rig and haven't played Moss, you're missing out on what may be the best narrative-driven game on the platform.