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@fluxom_alt A fortnite isekai? What, like a slime, a demon lord, and an MMO character all teamed up fighting in a battle royale?

Ugh. I'm learning Go because I agreed to help with a work project which uses it, and it's reminding me of all the things I dislike about Python. Which is to say, "This clearly came about because somebody was angry that you can code in C in ways that didn't fit their personal preferences, and decided to make a language which makes that impossible."

@masklayer It took marginally more effort than expected, but I just stuck a script to do this up on github:

Well, I feel stupid, now. I just realized that the reason why email hasn't been working on my mastodon instance for the last year was that I forgot to tell it that my SMTP relay is using TLS. >#<

@violetSpark @trysdyn Thanks for reminding me that I had those in my backpack!

Yay, I've got the Mastodon API working. Now I can do terrible things with it. Like write a bot which changes the color of my bedroom lights based on toots.

@masklayer Y'know, it would actually be pretty trivial to write an app to do that. And now I'm kind of tempted to do so.

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Well, I just watched the Battle Angel Alita movie. I really dig it; it hit that transhumanist itch of mine damn well.

@frameacloud @fluffy Clearly they understood that a) the pen is mightier than the sword, and b) you get even *more* power if you combine the two.

@trysdyn Now, is that because you're the mxtress of bootlegs, or because you're a cheap Chinese knockoff mxtress?

@prpl Hot drgns in your area are looking for your unsecured ports, tonight!

Hmm, if you study how people respond to alerts, does that make you an oncallogist?