Well, that was fun. I just upgraded my mastodon server to the latest debian, and the latest mastodon version. Turns out that there's a bug which makes mastodon's ruby tasks segfault on debian 11, if you are using jemalloc but don't LD_PRELOAD it.

Oh, hey, apparently, part of the reason my mastodon server was using so much RAM is that a failed experiment to use docker for it was still running. :/

Long, home-made soft drink recipe 

So, I've been experimenting with making my own soda, and today's experiment came out really good! I figure I may as well share the recipe.

4 cinnamon sticks
~1/4 cup sliced, peeled ginger
The zest of 1/2 a lemon
The juice of 1/2 a lemon
The zest of 1 lime
The juice of 1 lime
1 cup water
1 1/4 cups sugar

1) Make a simple syrup with the sugar and water (bring the water up to a boil, then pour the sugar in slowly while stirring, to let it dissolve, keep stirring until it's clear)
2) Reduce the heat, add in all the other ingredients, and simmer with a lid on the pan, for five minutes.
3) Remove from the heat, and let sit to cool and steep for about two hours.
4) Strain into a clean bottle which you can cork or otherwise loosely seal. You now have tasty syrup which I've read can last a couple of weeks in the fridge.

When you want to drink it, you can just mix one part of the syrup with three parts club soda, and you have a tasty, tasty lemon-lime-cinnamon-ginger soda.

@discpod So, listening to the discussion in the latest episode about Grace being the Discworld virgin, I had the thought of her being the Discworld maiden, instead. But then I realized that would imply that someone would be the Discworld mother, and the Discworld... er... Granny Weatherwax. Also the fact that only really works for a trio, not a quartet. >_> <_<

Hmm, it has just come to my attention that a website I hosted for a friend hasn't worked for over a year and a half, because the shared host it was on upgraded from a version of PHP which has been EOL since the last ice age, and the gallery script it's built on can't run on newer versions. I am sorely tempted to do something stupid and set up a heavily locked down docker container with the old version of PHP it needs, so I can get it working again.

I imagine the answer is very, right up until a corporation fell afoul of it.

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Hmm, I wonder how enforceable a viral license would be. IE, a software license which, by agreeing to it, you also agree to distribute all of your intellectual property under.

Oh, nice. I woke up to a message from some fuck head with a slur in their display name demanding that I switch to pleroma and turn on relaying all posts to all federated servers. For anyone else thinking of sending a similar message, I will happily provide a car fire, if you agree to die in it.

Whee, my instance just temporarily died due to running out of disk space, because the command to automatically clean up remote media has changed twice since I set up the cron job for it, and despite the fact that the command I was running hasn't worked since 2018, it hadn't been generating any errors in the log. :/ Also, I'm a little impressed that I went two and a half years on a 40GB disk without cleaning up, and only now ran out of space.

Since I'm following @BestGirlGrace on here, this particular line of Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song doesn't feel particularly surprising. (Flagged as sensitive because it's a potential spoiler for said anime. Also, people should watch it, it's a really good show.)

Oh, FFS. "Alright, we'll power the datacenter back up at 19:00 on Saturday, we'll need you to be available then to bring it up." 11:00 on Saturday: "Hey, we just powered up the datacenter, where are you?"

Whee, I just found the cause of a problem I've been having with my work laptop for, like, two weeks. Apparently, between a Windows update and a firmware update, something was locking the CPU speed to 800 Mhz. On a 3Ghz processor. :/

I just found out that there's an anime about visual kei vampires coming out later this year. This is not something I realized I needed, until now. I hope it's not terrible.

Ugh. A pushy asshat engineer whined at my manager to add him to my weekly meeting with one of our third party vendors, and just shat all over the meeting, demanding he be in the loop on shit he knows nothing about. It ended with him demanding that I give the vendors access to our systems using my user account. I'm ignoring it for now, but if I hear anything of that sort from my management chain, I'm immediately referring it all to the security team.

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Rubber, BDSM, POV, Furry, Gas Masks 

I got art by my friend furaffinity.net/user/ibukibunn ^..^

This is my character Birgie; under all that rubber is an orange-striped zebra. And if you ask nicely, she might let you find out if she tastes like a creamsicle.

Whee, I just ordered a standing desk, 'cause I've been thinking about getting one for a while. Apparently, the website for one of the biggest names in standing desks can't handle non-alphanumeric passwords, or passwords longer than 20 characters, though. In 2021, I do not get how people consider that sort of thing acceptable.

jfc, I went to the grocery store, and there's one checker and the self checkout is closed, at prime time on Saturday. The checkout line is stretched all the way across the store.

I have finally determined what's going to happen at the end of the current WoW expansion: we're going to beat the Jailer inside Torghast, take a wrong turn on the way out, and end up coming out of the Palace of the Dead, to set up new Horde and Alliance settlements in the South Shroud. *nod*

Whee, looks like I'm going to be getting four more root canals, this year.

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